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January 10, 2022

Tax Season Preparation Tips for CPAs

Tax Season Preparation Tips for CPAs

Happy Holidays from CPE Guide to you and yours. We want to provide our favorite CPAs with tips to deal with this heavy upcoming tax season. Whether you are a small or large firm, these tips will help you for tax season 2022 and beyond.

Start Early

The sooner you start working on all of your client’s bookkeeping the better. You can also incentivise clients that if they send you all of their paperwork and receipts early then you can provide a discount on fees or you will give them an Amazon gift card. It’s a great way to communicate with your client and get clicks on your email. Getting started early has a lot of benefits and will assist you in managing the workload so it doesn’t pile up.

Set Weekly Company Goals

Setting weekly goals for yourself and in your cpa company. This will assist in keeping track of your tasks and you can set realistic expectations on turnaround time for your clients. If anyone or a project is falling behind then you will be able to know when to assist if the weekly goals aren’t met. 

Be Updated with Accounting News

By staying up to date with the latest news in accounting and laws of your state, you can help your company or your clients avoid certain pitfalls or get certain government benefits. Try to have your best email be signed up for official tax news and make sure it is marked “important” in some way on your email provider.

Complete Yearly CPE Requirements Early

By having all of your employees complete their CPE credits early, you can rest easy knowing that’s one task off your back. This will allow you and your team to then focus purely on the tax season and clearing all client work. CPE Guide was created by CPAs & Lawyers so we know the everyday stresses of providing tax services to multiple clients. That’s why we provide tips to CPAs as well as Unlimited Credits which most CPE services won’t do and you’ll be able to print any CPE Credit certification from your home, which saves you and your employees time. 

Automate All Process Flows

Utilizing project management tools like Asana, Monday.com, ClickUp, etc can greatly assist with automating your company’s workload. You can set tasks to notify you aor tag another team member for projects that require dependent work. 

CPE Guide thanks all of our subscribers for being a part of the CPE Guide family. Have a prosperous new year!

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