An affiliate is someone who sells CPE Guide products for a commission. Currently we offer 20% commission on all purchases. By signing up as an affiliate with us, you will get a special link with a code tacked onto the end to track purchases made through your link.

How does it work? When someone visits your URL, a tracking cookie with your ID will be stored invisibly in the visitor's browser. This cookie will allocate you commission for any purchases the visitor makes. The cookie will remain in the visitor's browser as long as they do not clear their cache or cookies, so even if your customer does not purchase immediately you will still get credit for the sale if they come back later.

CPE Guide

CPE classes designed by busy attorneys, accountants and professors to help other professionals quickly satisfy their credit requirements. We understand that keeping track of your continuing credits can be difficult and our goal is to give you ONE location to quickly and easily satisfy all of your State requirements so you could get back to focusing on work
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