The final step is to share your link with anyone who might be interested in purchasing CPE courses in your network. It's best to start with people who trust you and you have a relationship, and sending the link directly will ensure higher chances of them seeing it.

Linkedin is a great place to share your link, as people are in a professional mindset while using Linkedin. It's also easier to see who is an accountant or CPA. You can also share on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere else you can reach customers. Don't spam! Make sure your link is relevant.

Check the "campaign" tab of your profile page to get some current images and assets to spice up your posts. Posts with photos uploaded by you are more likely to show up in your feeds. Use ours, or use your own!

Get creative! You can display your link on blog posts, videos, social media. We can even create a custom coupon for you so that you can share verbally, rather than having to use a link. For example, an influencer mentioning the product in a video and giving the coupon code would get you credit without having to link directly. You can request this from us at Think carefully about how much your discount will be, as bigger discounts can mean more sales but less commission.

While not mandatory, you are also permitted to run paid advertising campaigns. Stay tuned, as we will soon be adding campaign assets to help you do this!

CPE Guide

CPE classes designed by busy attorneys, accountants and professors to help other professionals quickly satisfy their credit requirements. We understand that keeping track of your continuing credits can be difficult and our goal is to give you ONE location to quickly and easily satisfy all of your State requirements so you could get back to focusing on work
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