Step 1: If you have not purchased courses from us and are not logged in, visit and click the "Join our affiliate program" link. If you ARE logged in, skip to step 4.

If you are viewing on a computer or laptop while you are logged out, this is located near the top right.

If you are viewing from a phone or smaller mobile device, it is located after clicking the "hamburger menu" ☰ link at the top, this is the standard symbol for navigation menu and it includes 3 stacked horizontal lines.

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Step 2: Fill out all of the required fields.

Step 3: Log into with your email and password (if you aren't already logged in)

Step 4: Click the "Affiliate Program" link to get to your affiliate dashboard (red stripe at the top)

Step 5: Click the "profile" tab

Step 6: Retrieve your referral URL. The URL is the link you will copy and paste to share with your network. You may also change your affiliate identifier to something easier to remember, like your name or brand. This will in turn change the URL.

Tip: Be sure to include your PayPal email on the profile page so that you can get paid! You don't need a PayPal email to start selling, however, you will need it to withdraw funds.

CPE Guide

CPE classes designed by busy attorneys, accountants and professors to help other professionals quickly satisfy their credit requirements. We understand that keeping track of your continuing credits can be difficult and our goal is to give you ONE location to quickly and easily satisfy all of your State requirements so you could get back to focusing on work
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