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November 5, 2021

Accounting CPE Credits & Study Tips

Accounting and CPA professionals have a lot to keep up with, from staying current on the latest industry trends to attending seminars and conferences. Continuing professional education (CPE) credit is crucial when it comes to maintaining professional certification in Accounting and CPE.

What are CPE Credits?

CPE credit is a term that refers to the number of credits professionals earn for completing specialized training in Accounting and CPA. CPE credits are based on hours of study and contribute to credential maintenance or upgrading. 

How many CPE Credits for CPA?

CPE credits are necessary to maintain a CPA license in most states. Professionals can obtain CPE credits through seminars, conferences and online content. The time required for studying varies by program, but professionals must typically dedicate 16 hours to 32 hours per year for each category of their certification.

How many CPE Credits do I need?

You need to research the CPE credits requirements set by the state in which you’re licensed. This is due to the fact that the number of CPA credits you need, depends on the state or territory where you’re licensed to practice accounting. The number of CPE credits required by each state differs. Illinois requires 120 hours every three years, whereas Alabama demands 40 hours each fiscal year. Check with your state to find out what CPE credits are needed for licensing there.

Study Tips for How to earn CPE Credits

What is studying? Well if you're thinking about studying then your CPE Credits must be coming up CPE Review! It's the time where we all start to panic and stress but don't worry help is at hand and by following these simple exam study tips, you'll earn your CPE Credits.

Studying isn't the same for everyone. You'll get more done if you focus hard. If you study intensively, you will achieve more. Shorter, focused study periods are more efficient than extended studying sessions. Intensive studying sessions can last 30 or 45 minutes and include such activities as reading actively.

More impactful study strategies are to schedule regular breaks, have a study plan for the exam, try different methods of learning, be aware of your mood when studying and make sure you’re in the exam mindset. A key part of exam preparation is organizing your time. You may even want to break up larger assignments into smaller ones in order to rest your mind and take in the information effectively.

How to get CPE Credits Online?

CPE Guide provides Online classes to fulfill your CPE credit requirements. This allows 24/7 access For CPAs to attain CPE Credits. We also have a library of online CPE courses with a printable certification feature, which means you’ll also be able to print your CPE Certificate from your home.

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CPE Guide

CPE classes designed by busy attorneys, accountants and professors to help other professionals quickly satisfy their credit requirements. We understand that keeping track of your continuing credits can be difficult and our goal is to give you ONE location to quickly and easily satisfy all of your State requirements so you could get back to focusing on work
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